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Lapid Leaders Africa provides world-class leadership and entrepreneurship training outstanding young adults in Africa. Our flagship program, the Lapid Leaders Experience, is a world-class 3.5 month leadership training program for the next generation of African Leaders, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs.
Lapid Leaders Africa has a community of over 100 young outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs from different universities across Kenya who are working on being solution providers and change agents at the marketplace.

How we deliver the Lapid Leaders Experience
The Lapid Leaders Experience is designed to educate and raise outstanding young adults who are making a big positive impact in the Continent. The curriculum has been built for next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the present to their communities. We focus on three pillars:

  • Lead Self – The ‘Lead Self’ pillar focuses on building the level of self-awareness of the graduates. This pillar emphasizes on personal leadership by enabling the students develop a deep self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, and even identity, coupled with an understanding of their personal values and the impact of values on leadership.
  • Lead Marketplace – The ‘Lead Marketplace’ pillar equips the graduates with the 21st century skills and attitudes that they need in order to be work-ready. This pillar utilizes project-based learning to explore and entrench these skills to the graduates. The students tackle difficult interpersonal issues, ranging from understanding how to communicate with each other more effectively, to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, to solving real-life marketplace problems in a series of “Leadership Labs”, which culminate in an all-day competition known as the “Projects Challenge.”
    Lead Africa – The ‘Lead Africa’ pillar focuses on exposing the graduates to experiences that enable the graduates develop a Pan-African mindset that is `driven towards being solution providers to the challenges that Africa faces. As part of this, the students take part in Community Service and / or a visit to a country in the region. The pillar develops the student’s ability to think creatively and to develop new solutions to old problems

The Lapid Leaders Experience is designed to provide you:

a)    CLARITY: Get clarity on your purpose, goals, habits, and action plan for the next phase of your life
b)    CONFIDENCE: Join a lifelong network of leaders who will support you through the challenging times in your journey
c)    COMMUNITY: Re-imagine the world together with a brilliant, diverse, and caring group of entrepreneurs, technologists, consultants, marketers, engineers, artists, architects, lawyers among others
d)    COMPETENCE: We equip you with the employability and entrepreneurship skills that transition them from ‘half-baked’ graduates to a ‘work and world-ready’ graduates
e)    COMMITMENT: A commitment to the progress of the Continent by becoming solution providers to the problems that the Continent faces. A commitment to change Africa by changing yourself first
You will complete the Lapid Leaders Experience energized and inspired but also rooted in who God created you to be, we call it ‘Freed to be Self’. You’ll feel grounded in new habits and in new ways that continually stretch you out of your Comfort Zone.
You can register now for the next Cohort of Lapid Leaders.

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