A Community

We have a distinguished community of Mentors and Facilitators, who then enable the graduates of the program to create their own definition of success.

An Experience

We deliver a distinguished experience that provides world-class leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship education to Africa’s young outstanding talent.

Our Events

From Entrepreneurship Forums to Career Preparedness Bootcamps, there is always something to learn.

We are diligent about becoming values-driven leaders. Values-driven leaders lead from a deep sense of purpose and a demonstrated commitment to life-affirming values of excellence, creativity and innovation, and servant leadership. Lapid Leaders have a conscious commitment to lead with their values and optimize ethical practice, social contribution and impact.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are at the heart of the Lapid Leaders Experience. This means creating and entrepreneurial ecosystem and dedicating a significant portion of the Experience to the process of generating ideas and finding solutions. It also means providing opportunities that enable Lapid Leaders to begin exploring the entrepreneurial process.

Rwandan Experience Image

From participatory classes to squad interactions, our collaborative culture is designed to deepen relationships. It’s an approach that nurtures ideas and increases both the value and the eventual impact of your overall Experience. The use of experiential learning brings concepts to life and challenges the Lapid Leaders to work together, exponentially enhancing their ability to execute in any collaborative environment.

Lapid is no ivory tower. It’s a launching pad to every corner of the Continent. How can we change the Continent if we do not understand it? Participating in the Lapid Leaders Africa Experience enables our graduates to gain a rich perspective of the issues that Africa faces, and experience life-changing insights, as they take part in exciting opportunities that involve visiting countries in the region.