The Curriculum


A personalized Curriculum that will help you develop your vision, and the substance required for achieving it.

The Lapid Leaders Experience is designed to educate and raise outstanding young adults who are making a big positive impact in the Continent. The curriculum has been built for the next generation of African leaders and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the  present to their communities. We focus on three pillars:

Lead Self – The ‘Lead Self’ pillar focuses on building the level of self-awareness of the graduates. This pillar emphasizes on personal leadership by enabling the students develop a deep self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, and even identity, coupled with an understanding of their personal values and the impact of values on leadership.

The Modules covered include:

a) Case for Leadership: This module covers the following topics: PESTEL analysis of leadership in Africa, the place for the youth in leadership and personal leadership. The module assist students to understand the place of self-leadership in leading the Continent.

b) Freed to be Self 1: Self Awareness – This module provides students with an opportunity to identify their leadership traits and strengths and weaknesses. This provides students with a chance to explore their passions and how they can expand on these to improve their leadership and enhance their career. The students also get a chance to comprehend their personality type through extensive discussions with a Career Coach.

c) Freed to be Self 2: Values and Principles – This module puts students on a journey to understanding the skills and tools needed to reach their full potential. The students also get to explore and determine the values and principles that define them. The Leadership Lab focuses on conversations around leadership from a gender perspective.

Various Mentorship Sessions: As part of the Lead Self pillar, the students meet various marketleaders who share their story and the lessons that they have learned in their career journey. Following this students begin work on developing a “Growth Mindset” and explore how they can approach life believing they can learn, change, grow and pursue their passions.

Lead Marketplace – The ‘Lead Marketplace’ pillar equips the graduates with the 21st century skills and attitudes that they need in order to be work-ready. This pillar utilizes project-based learning to explore and entrench these skills to the graduates. The students tackle difficult interpersonal issues, ranging from understanding how to communicate with each other more effectively, to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, to solving real-life marketplace problems in a series of “Leadership Labs”,which culminate in an all-day competition known as the “Projects Challenge.”

The Modules covered include:

a) Career Preparedness Bootcamp – This focuses on building the skills and values necessary to get your career going. It deals with interview skills, CV writing skills among others. The session culminates with an intensive Mock Interview session during which various HR Managers interview the students and provide them personalised feedback on their performance

b) Communication 1 – Professional Communication

c) Communication 2 – Communicating for Impact

d) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

e) Collaboration – Relationships and the Marketplace

f) Entrepreneurship – Various modules using lean start up model and design thinking model.

Lead Africa – The ‘Lead Africa’ pillar focuses on exposing the graduates to experiences that enable the graduates develop a Pan-African mindset that is `driven towards being solution providers to the challenges that Africa faces. As part of this, the students take part in Community Service and / or a visit to a country in the region. The pillar develops the student’s ability to think creatively and to develop new solutions to old problems

The Modules covered include:

a) Managing your wealth 1 and 2

b) Leadership values and ethics

c) Purpose and Passion

d) Experiences: Community Service and Africa Experience

Watch this video below for a brief overview of the Lapid Leaders Experience.