Our values guide us in our everyday decisions.

The three core LAPID values.

How do you ensure that every Lapid Leader will become a leader of positive impact?

By providing every member of Lapid Leader a set of core values that we live by everyday. We empower young adults to build a strong foundation of core values as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial leaders. We enable them to live out these values throughout their lives and consequently positively impact the Continent.

Striving for Excellence

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

We look at Excellence as a whole, defined as:

  1. Demonstrating integrity in all that we do. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our vision.
  2. Pursuit of intellectual excellence. We are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and continuous growth in learning.
  3. We are determined to achieve Community Excellence. We value and respect as our greatest asset the people who make up our community–Lapid Leaders, Facilitators, Mentors, as well as the people connected to us through ties to our local community and the Continent.

Creativity and Innovation

Through creativity and innovation we seek to continuously improve. We are defined by our ability to extend outside our comfort zones.

We are defined by:

  1. A burning desire to make things in the Continent better. We embrace creativity and innovation — equipping and inspiring people who lead change.
  2. This is about creating and identifying approaches to address challenging situations and problems. It is about coming up with new or different ideas, or adapting ideas from elsewhere. It is concerned with moving the Continent forward by applying new ideas or old ideas in a new way to generate solutions and approaches.

Activating Servant Leadership

The servant leader is a servant first. We believe that the leader exists to serve the people.

The servant leadership model we have adopted is defined as follows:

  1. Who we are (Self-identity) – We are people with a servant’s heart, and we embrace humility & selflessness
  2. Why we want to lead (Our motive) – Serving and developing our community
  3. How we want to lead – By consulting and involving others
  4.  What effect we have (Impact) – Inspiring and influencing others
  5. How others see us – We model integrity and authenticity. Character matters most to us