Our Vision

To become Africa’s largest talent development house, dedicated to raising the next generation of African Leaders.

Why we do it

Lapid Leaders Africa was founded in October 2014 to bridge the skills gap that Africa faces. A study conducted by the Inter-University Council of East Africa indicated that over 50% of the graduates of universities in East Africa, were ill equipped for the marketplace. This study supported a concern that has been prevalent in the marketplace, that universities are producing graduates that are considered ‘half-baked’. The result of this problem is that the growing economies in East Africa lack the skills and capabilities to fuel the growth. Lapid Leaders Africa exists to equip Africa’s graduates with the employability skills that will transition them from ‘half-baked’ graduates to work and world-ready graduates.

How we do it

We do this through a flagship leadership development program that we term as the ‘Lapid Leaders Experience’. The Lapid Leaders Experience uses a dynamic blend of training, modular readings, mentorship and experiential learning to provide the optimal amount of structured experiences to the students. Through the Lapid Leaders Experience, the graduates are steered to be values-driven leaders in the marketplace. The Experience focuses on developing the graduates in a wholesome manner by using its 3 pillars: Lead Self, Lead Marketplace and Lead Africa.