Leadership Experience


The growth of Africa’s youth is at the heart of why we exist.

Lapid Leaders Africa is a place where you’ll get much more than training, you’ll begin to build a great career. This can only come from a supportive environment, coaching and mentorship at every step, high expectations and, of course, exceptional people.

The Leadership Experience focuses on three elements — Learning, Experiences and Mentorship.

Learning through a formal curriculum offered in the classroom (Learning Labs) — designed to help you build on your strengths, and acquire the skills and knowledge to get your career moving forward.

Experiences that put learning into action. These hands-on activities are defined, comprehensive and tailored to stretch you and grow you exponentially.

Mentorship designed to transform your learning and experiences into new skills and insights through purposeful conversations and relationships.

The Leadership Labs provide dynamic blend of world-class learning programs,
intensive experiences and highly personalized mentorship to provide the optimal
amount of structured experiences to the students. These experiences result in a heightened sense of self-awareness, career development and many opportunities for growth.


Lapid Leaders Africa endeavors to raise a new generation of leaders—men and women who will be capable of shaping the future of Africa with vision, values and purpose —with a strong sense of identity, with concern for all of the Continent.


In the book Build to Last, Jim Collins says, “Those who built the visionary companies wisely understood that it is better to understand who you are than where you are going — for where you are going will almost certainly change”. Self-awareness is considered a critical trait for successful leaders and it can be heightened through coaching and mentorship.

We are committed to leading our leaders on a comprehensive journey of discovery—one that integrates their personal, ethical, intellectual and religious formation. Our call is to live lives of purpose, conviction, service, and to stand out as a light to Africa and to the world.


We equip you with the tools you need to build an exceptional career.

The Lapid Leaders Experience will help you get the right learning, experiences and mentorship you need to succeed. Your journey at Lapid is not just about finding a job; it’s about realizing your fullest potential, it is about equipping you with the skills that will distinguish you in the 21st century while helping you develop a clear life vision.


We know that learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. This is why we are continuously investing in opportunities for your growth, even outside the Learning Labs. We provide you with opportunities that assist you with the transition from school to work, introduce you to a Pan-African and global mindset, build your leadership skills and grow your industry knowledge.

We seek to connect Lapid Leaders to opportunities throughout their lives, encouraging them to take up opportunities and establish connections that will enhance their personal, leadership and career growth.


Knowing how to lead and develop others is a crucial leadership competency. We provide the graduates of the program with an opportunity to serve and coach the subsequent Cohorts through the Lapid Leaders Council (LLC).

LLC is an alumni-led volunteer body, that provides the graduates of the program with an opportunity to learn how to effectively develop others through service and coaching. This provides the students with hands-on leadership experience through planning and executing various aspects of the Experience of the incoming Cohort.

Students apply to lead the various dockets of LLC through a competitive process. They then spend the season deepening their interpersonal skills and developing leadership and coaching competencies.

They work closely with the incoming Cohort and the various Facilitators and Mentors of the program to deliver an exemplary experience for the Cohort. Armed with an in-depth understanding of fundamental leadership and coaching concepts, strategies, and tools, the members of LLC will be able to demonstrate to future employees these new capabilities, skills to solve problems, and ultimately will achieve personal and professional growth.