Career Development


You are at the heart of the work we do; we are constantly cultivating relationships for networking, experiential, and future opportunities for you. We are energized by your interests and are here to walk with you in not only your current plans, but also future directions. Our goal is to form a community of talented young people who are committed to contributing to the overall development of the African continent.

As a result, your journey at Lapid is not about finding a job; it’s about realizing your fullest potential. We’ll work with you closely as you build the skills you need to become the Leader that Africa needs. Here’s how:

Career and Life Vision

Who am I? This is the most important question that you will answer in your quest to build a successful career.

Learn to articulate your core values, limiting beliefs, passions and vision through reflection and small group conversations. Intentionally identify and leverage your strengths, and target the areas where you want to grow. Be comfortable with pursuing the road-less traveled, we call it “Freed to be Self”, and this activates the greatness within.

To help you begin this journey, we provide ample opportunities of self-reflection, we offer one-on-one coaching sessions that are focused on building your self-awareness and we expose you to various life coaches who continually challenge you to understand yourself and your why.

This will help you understand your individual journey and empower you to live a life of purpose and vision.

Critical 21st Century Skills

What are the critical 21st-century skills every person needs to survive and succeed in our world? What abilities and traits will serve you in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly?

A successful career strategy requires more than mastering your discipline. It also requires the “soft skills” that employers value and that will set you apart as a leader in the 21st Century.

The focus of our work is building these core 21st Century skills desired by employers and necessary for success in the global economy. We have identified 7 Core Skills that employers seek in graduates they hire, and we support Lapid’ers in acquiring these skills

And this support won’t end when you complete the Experience; you’ll benefit from Lapid Leaders resources throughout your life.

Career Coaching & Mentorship

Need help preparing for an interview? Are you wondering why you never get any responses for most of your job applications? Want a Curriculum Vitae that stands out? How do you build your network?

We offer a number of platforms to help prepare our young leaders for internships or jobs. These include our Career Preparedness Bootcamp that will cover areas such as Growth vs Fixed Mindset, Personal Branding, Interview Skills, CV Writing Skills and Competencies Mapping. These culminates in a Mock Interview session where Human Resource Professionals interview the young leaders and provide them with personalized feedback.

This will hep you gain confidence, hone your responses, and enable you to think on your feet through any interview.

Where Lapid can take you

A path to anywhere.
Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional Lapid Leaders Experience lasts a lifetime. We want the experience that our leaders gain at Lapid to build unrivalled career value defined by lifelong relationships and enriching experiences.


Lead Self – Self-Awareness & Identity: The Modules under this pillar emphasize on personal leadership by enabling the students develop a deep self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, and even identity, coupled with an understanding of their personal values and the impact of values on leadership.

Key Activities:

  • Module 1: Case for Leadership provides an overview on the importance of good Leadership in Africa today. It sheds light on the importance of the Youth in Africa with a focus on a detailed review of the “Cheetah Generation”. It also introduces the concept of the ‘Power of One” and and presents a case for that you cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself
  • Module 2: Freed to Self I focuses on helping the participants identify any misconceptions that they may have on their identity; with a goal of freeing themselves from these limitations and embarking on the ‘road less traveled’. It also engages the participants in a conversation on common sources of identity and the process of unmasking so as to become an authentic leader.
  • Module 3: Freed to be Self II helps the participants become more self-aware – Who are you? What are your values and principles? We also have a conversation on leadership from a gender perspective with an aim of getting each of the participants to lead with their strengths and values.
  • One-on-one & Group coaching focused on helping you identify your key strengths, weaknesses, passions and purpose; and begin the process of building your personal brand
  • Heroes Journey Lab – The study of the life of a hero and the hero myth narratives started in 1871 with anthropologist Edward Taylor’s. He observed common patterns in plots of hero’s journeys. This Lab seeks to demystify the journey of a hero, and empower you to be the Heroes that Africa needs; to pursue living a life of meaning, an “Epic’ life rather than an “Ordinary” life.

Lead Marketplace – 21st Century Skills: The focus of the Modules under this pillar is to build the skills desired by employers and that are necessary for success in the 21st century. With a stronger sense of self-awareness mow in place, it is time for you to equip yourself with the skills that you need to be ‘work and world ready’.

Key Activities:

Entrepreneurship Experience – We believe every graduate in the 21st century should be able to think entrepreneurially. Through our Entrepreneurship Experience, you learn the habits that make great entrepreneurs—how to solve big problems with limited resources, how to think innovatively, how to form and lead teams, and how to dream big—in whatever field you go into. The Modules covered in the Entrepreneurship Experience focus on building a strong, innovation focused, entrepreneurial mindset in all the participants. Read more here.

Module 4 & 5 Communication – The next generation of African Leaders  must be great communicators. These modules equip you with the various communication concepts that will build your professional communication skills, public speaking and presentation skills. We will also not only empower you with the communication skills that you need to emerge as a strong candidate at job-search interviews, but also the communication skills that you need to succeed in the workplace. Other activities include:

  • Storytelling Lab & Coaching – The best leaders throughout history have been able to use the power of narrative and storytelling to bring people together and rally them to tackle urgent challenges. The Storytelling Lab and follow-up Coaching sessions focus on empowering you to use storytelling to communicate for impact.
  • Career Preparedness Bootcamp & Mock Interviews – These sessions focus on building the specific communication skills that you need to ace the job-search process. The sessions are led by leading HR Professionals who impart skills ranging from CV Writing Skills, to interview skills to matching of competencies to the job-market. Many participants have gotten jobs either directly from the Mock Interview process, or display of these skills in the subsequent job-search process.

Module 6: Critical Thinking & Problem solving – Critical thinking, the ability to ask effective questions and formulate original solutions, is not an optional skill in the 21st century. The next generation of African Leaders must have the ability to think critically and solve complex problems in real time. Organisations are seeking to employ problem-solvers who can work independently without higher supervision. They are looking for initiative takers and people who enjoy risk, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and make mistakes.  These Modules empower you to be that kind of individual. Other activities include:

  • Coaching Labs –  The Thinking Matters Coaching Labs are Peer-Led forums that provide a setting for Lapid Leaders to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to analyze complex issues and make forceful and well-grounded arguments. Through these labs, we think about, analyze, write about, and debate a set of issues that in various ways illustrate the types of problems leaders in Africa must confront. We use non-standard material like movies, documentaries and books to evaluate these topical issues. What emerges from these Coaching Labs is self-confidence, self-discovery, critical thinking and varied ways of understanding the world.
  • Project Based Learning – We expose you to real-life industry / organisational problems and task you and your squad to develop solutions for these problems. By doing so, you will learn how to work in teams, incorporate feedback, and break down complex problems into manageable structured tasks. This culminates in an all-day competition known as the “Projects Challenge Day” during which participants present their solutions to the “CEOs’ and Mentors who commission the problem solving.

Module 7: Collaboration – Leaders must possess the ability to collaborate seamlessly.  This Module focuses on unearthing the hidden power of people; from peers to mentors to any other networks. It highlights interdependence as the highest level of leadership and explores how organisations seek to identify great collaborators as potential employees by having team work is one of the most sought after skills. It empowers the participants to move away from independent / competitive forms leadership to interdependent leadership. Other activities include:

  • Coaching Lab: Group Dynamics – This a powerful peer learning tool that focuses on empowering the participants to be emotionally intelligent in groups, and deal effectively in group dynamics. The Lab sets up the participants to become distinguished in working in teams in the workplace.

Lead Africa – Pan-African Mindset: The goal of this pillar is enable to the next generation of African Leaders to have a Pan-African Mindset that’s anchored on being values-driven leaders.

  • African History Labs – Martin Luther is reported to have said that we do not make history, history makes us. For you to develop a Pan-African Mindset, you must understand the history of Africa. Through the Africa History Labs, we enable participants to develop an understanding of Africa’s past and present, a connection to the broader African community and a sense of ownership for the continent’s future. Each Cohort takes part in a Community Project that enrolls them in a comprehensive study of a community in Africa Africa through historical, economic, geographic and political lenses. The participants delve into a deep and thoughtful study of one big concept often on pre-colonial Africa, colonialism and independence movements.
  • Africa Experience – This is a week long study trip to a country in the region. Read more here
  • Community Engagement – At Lapid, we have a strong commitment to community service and engagement. If you join Lapid, you’ll soon learn that we take community leadership seriously. Read more here
  • Module 8 & 9: Creating Wealth 1 & 2 – The next generation of African Leaders have to be wealth creators.  A common Jewish proverb says that He who pays has the say. African Leaders must develop the skill and know-how to create wealth so that they move from being paid for to being the ones paying. These modules focus on equipping participants with practical tools that they can use to save, invest and create wealth. It also deals with the African-bred mindsets that hinder us from creating wealth
  • Module 10: Leadership Values & Ethics – Studies have shown that in the end great leaders are made not just by skills but values and character traits that support these skills. What values and character traits do you need to have in place to succeed?
  • Module 11: Purpose and Passion – Our call as Lapid Leaders is to live lives of conviction, service, and faith; to stand out as the light to the world. This involves relentlessly pursuing a purpose-driven life, not only for ourselves but for the communities that we work with. This module enables the participants to grasp what a purpose-driven life looks like, and what it takes to embark on such a journey.