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How can we change Africa, if we do not understand it? – Esther Mwaniki, Founder, Lapid Leaders Africa

Africa Experience

Participating in the Africa Experience is a highlight Lapid Leaders Experience. Gain a rich perspective of issues that Africa faces, and experience life-changing insights, as you take part in these exciting Africa Experience.

The goal of the African Experience is to help the Lapid Leaders develop a Pan-African mindset. The Lapid Leaders who engage with this Experience will get a chance to see Africa not just for what it has been, but for what it currently is, but what God is rebuilding it to. This will help them adopt a Pan-African Mindset which they need in order to become effective African Leaders. In addition, they will grow their personal and professional skills in a practical manner.

The Africa Experience is designed in such a way as to ensure that the Lapid Leaders step out of their comfort zones.

Why you should sign up

The Africa Experience provides you an opportunity to understand the culture, business environment, and social norms of a country within Africa You’ll spend at least one week engaging with Corporate Leaders, Business Leaders and Government Leaders of the country that you visit.

The Africa Experience intensive Lapid Leaders-led group-learning experience. Africa Experience foster a unique learning community of 10 to 20 students through formal and informal learning, including pre-trip meetings, on-the-ground activities, and discussions and reflection before, during, and after the trip.

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